Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Is full integration of different cultures possible in one country? Or, is some degree of separation between groups important so each group can peacefully maintain their culture?
Interesting questions, eh? Milo Yiannopoulos asks if a Mosque sits in a neighborhood where the streets are lined with houses with American flags in the front yards, is it a Muslim neighborhood or an American neighborhood? Can one culture live peacefully and thrive while being mixed with another culture? Or eventually, does one culture overtake the other?
Deerborn MI is an American town that has been trying to work this out. Can different cultures thrive together? Or, as some alt right thinking people suggest, it is necessary to recognize 'culture' is a way of life and you preserve your culture by allowing it 'space'. That doesn't mean you prevent people from other cultures to immigrate, but they maintains that in order for a culture to survive it must be protected, it must have it's own 'space' to continue.
Take that however you want; I am unsettled by it, and I also in part understand what their premise is.
Those are rather daring questions to ask. I'm sitting alone reading and typing and the question makes me uncomfortable. If I answer that it may be better for 'peace' if the Mosque is in a neighborhood where a large population of Muslims live, is that 'phobic' of me? Is it wrong for a Muslim to prefer to live in a neighborhood where a majority practice their faith and has stores that cater to their likes? Is that wrong? Is it 'hateful' of me if I choose to live in an area that has more people practicing my faith and has businesses that sell the products I use most often? While I absolutely have no issues with shopping in larger cities that have different cultures represented, is it OK that I like driving home and living among the familiar?
Something I've had experience with is in the south it seems often blacks and white attend different churches. Why is that? We often would attend the 'black' church because, frankly, I preferred their style of worship, but I was told our 'white family' presence did make some uncomfortable. I didn't understand it, but now perhaps I do a bit more. In order for their culture to be preserved, they needed a bit of space, space separate from the influence and practices of 'outsiders', so they could 'carry on in peace'. There was NO hate, just a need for space.
What do you think? I am intrigued. I will continue studying and thinking and writing.

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