Friday, October 21, 2016

I have heard and read many views about who we must vote for and even who GOD is telling us to vote for. :D

My personal impression from the Lord (and I will note I find He most often speaks to me through His Word, and it is always, always consistent with His character...and, most often He speaks to me, NOT TO OTHERS TO TELL TO ME) is the notion of what IS liberty and freedom, and, from Whom do they originate? Who is the 'giver' of liberty and does anyone else have the right to take away that liberty? The LORD (the Covenant Maker and Keeper) has been reminding me (in the quiet times and through His Word and His patterns) that He asks for honesty and that, to the best of my ability, that I live for Him. That has, above all, set liberty as a priority. Along with that God has reminded me, through His Word and the lessons of the history of the world, that natural consequences IS a God-given thing. He teaches us through our natural consequences.

SO, I believe (just me) we are faced with very natural consequences of our national behavior. God will teach us through these consequences if we look to Him. We don't need to twist and turn and spin any candidate to be God's survival 'boat.  Each candidate is a consequences of our national laziness and our actions. We have not cherished liberty. It's simple. Trump can be our consequence, or Hillary will be our consequence. No need to say or spin and contort to present them as God's man or woman for the hour.  No, we will have the natural consequences to our national behavior AND the LORD can and will use those things to teach us. He isn't abandoning us, even in our consequences.
 Personally I have chosen to vote for an ideal that I believe is in keeping with God's blessing for our country (that we've let slip through our hands...but there is a tiny piece of it still in our hands). I am going to vote for a candidate that, as much as humanly possible, is aligned with the principles of our founding. Of course I know this candidate isn't going to win, but, winning the election is not my only goal. Supporting independence and supporting liberty is my goal. I will be suffering the consequences along with everyone after the election. I hope to be a solid part of the liberty movement in America. Along with that, I respect each of your personal choice. That is part of liberty.

God bless you. God bless our country. May we learn and grow through and from our consequences. God will use them to teach us, IF we allow that learning process.

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