Thursday, January 21, 2016

The notion of grace

It is interesting that even among Believers, the most common notion of Who God is centers around sin and forgiveness.
We all know about forgiveness and we call that 'grace', but grace is SO much more than forgiveness. It is so much more that I find it is something I have to keep thinking about, because the 'knowing it' is so big and so seems we are so accustomed to punishment and rules and the never ending cycle of trying to 'do better' that the idea of standing in grace is foreign to so many of us (me for sure).
Grace reverses the Law. Instead of me saying 'I will do it, I will try harder and harder and I will do it', God says 'I will help you do it because you can NOT do it alone.
How the world would change if we all could fathom that. How I would change if I could let that sink down to the deepest part of me, that part that is always quick to say 'dummy, you failed AGAIN'. God never says that. He says 'come on and let Me help and let others help, because Sherri you need Me and you need others.'
It seems the 'utopia' we are looking for is a 'standing and living IN grace community' where we REALLY are brothers and sisters and we REALLY do care about each other.
I am looking forward to living there! So, come quickly, Lord Jesus...and in the meantime, help us find AND TO BE the loving community You desire for us

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